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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Free stationery for Minecraft fans!

My older daughter just got her first pen pal, a friend her age who she met while playing Minecraft in one of the Minecraft Homeschool classes. Her friend's mom and I connected through Facebook, and agreed to let the girls write to each other offline.

I had a pen pal when I was young, and one of my favorite things about writing letters was using my special stationery. My aunt had bought it for me, and I saved it for special correspondence. I remember vividly, it resembled a bright red gumball machine with bright gumballs of every color at the top and bottom of the page.

I thought my daughter might enjoy writing on some special paper of her own, and because she and her friend met playing Minecraft, I figured some Minecraft themed stationery might be a lot of fun. So I set to work, designing a page in the form of a grass block from their favorite game.

Here's what I came up with...

Get your own free Minecraft style stationery at the link!

Pretty cool, huh? Well, my daughter thought so when I handed her a stack of fresh Minecraft stationery and she ran off to her room to write her first letter to her friend. She liked it so much, I thought maybe some of my readers might like to have a copy, too. So click here for a printable copy of this cool Minecraft style stationery of your very own! 

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