Google The Unplanned Homeschooler: September 2018

Monday, September 10, 2018

A raw, honest glimpse into the journey through years of infertility - 'Hail Mary for Peanut' review

Infertility is a condition like no other I know. There is the pain, the longing, the anguish of yearning for a child and feeling like a failure, all the while dealing with the intrusive nature of treatment options and the well-meaning but often hurtful opinions of family and friends. And of course, the unending feeling of standing in an unmoving line while others inexplicably get their turns. Will your turn ever come?

Yes, I've been there. For nearly a decade before my twins were born, and then several more years before unexpectedly being blessed with our youngest. I know this journey, all too well. That's why, when I saw a fellow homeschooling mom mention her new book, Hail Mary for Peanut, on Facebook, I knew I needed to review it. 

I expected an interesting read, with familiar elements and hopefully, a happy ending. What I discovered was so much more. 

Heather Nelson's book, part memoir and part advice, is so raw and honest, it took me by surprise. She didn't just talk about the yearning, she dove deep into the feelings of sadness, anger, inadequacy and loss. She brought to life the fears and the fatigue, the hopes and the frustrations of a years-long battle with infertillity and the effects it can have on a woman and on a marriage. 

It's been more than 17 years now since I finally got the positive result on the blood test that assured me I was, indeed, pregnant at last with my twins. But reading this book took me back, all the way to the years when I prayed desperately day after day for God to give me a baby, and felt so alone.

I wish I'd had a book like this when I was going through it all. I knew other women who'd dealt with infertility. My own mother suffered through the better part of a decade before I was born. But, I can't tell you how wonderful it would have been to have been able to curl up in my bed and read these words of sisterhood from a woman who wasn't afraid to tell it all. 

If you know any woman who is going through infertility, get her this book! It may be the lifeline she needs, just to know that she is truly not alone in any of what she is feeling, and that there is hope, no matter where her journey leads.