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Buy my books!

Thank you for checking out my store. Below you will find the books that I currently have for sale. Each one of these selections may also be purchased through Amazon or CreateSpace, and I have provided those links within the descriptions for your shopping convenience. 

I know that your money is hard earned and carefully spent, so I really appreciate that you are considering purchasing one or more of my books. I hope that they will make a positive impact on your homeschooling experience. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding one of these selections.  


  1. Disappointed in my first purchase. The links to the songs in the kindle version of this unit study are almost all bad! I'd say about every 2nd or 3rd link is no longer available on youtube.

    1. The unit study im referring to is the History of Rock n Roll, just in case my comment didn't show up where I planned.

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