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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The best places to find bargains on old books

Several kids from our homeschool group volunteered with the Friends of the Library book sale at our local library today. They hauled boxes of books and helped set up the room for the big sale, which begins tomorrow. Of course, I couldn't resist taking a peek at the great books that the library had put aside to sell, and of course, I found a box full of selections I just had to take home with me.

I love books, especially old books. I'm so thankful for used books, and for the many ways they find new homes. I've found awesome old books in so many places. Here are a few favorites.

Library sales

Library book sales always seem to have a great selection of books at affordable prices. Some are books that were taken out of circulation, and others are books donated to the library. Check your local library for dates of upcoming sales, or see if they have a store or a few shelves within the library with items for sale all the time.

Thrift stores

Not every thrift store carries books, but some have an impressive selection. I've found great book sections at several Goodwill stores, in particular. Thrift stores sometimes have books divided into sections, just like you'd expect to see at a used book store. Although their selection may be smaller, the prices are fantastic, with most books listed at no more than 30 percent of the cover price.

Used book stores

When you're looking for the best selection in old books, a used book store is definitely the place to go. Don't be afraid to ask about sales or a discount for buying in quantity. I've never yet been to a used bookstore that didn't offer good customers a special deal.

Online sellers

If you're searching for an obscure title, or a particular edition of an old book, your best option is often an online seller. I've bought lots of books on Amazon and eBay, with few problems,  but be careful when shopping to pay particular attention to descriptions and take note of the exact edition you are looking for if that's important to you.

Estate sales

When you're just open to treasure hunting and finding whatever you might find, estate sales can be a lot of fun. Old books can be had for a steal, and some may be in near mint condition. Garage sales can turn up some decent finds, too, but estate sales are the real boon for book lovers. 

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