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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Goodbye, puppies

There were lots of tears this afternoon. Tears of sadness because we're going to miss the dogs that have consumed so much of our time and attention these last couple of months, and tears of happiness because we are so thankful that they are headed toward happy homes.

Today was the big day, the day the volunteers from the Humane Society came to pick up Blue and all but one of the puppies for their transport to a Chicago area rescue. We knew the day would come when we'd have to say goodbye, but we had no idea how much we'd fall in love with the dogs in such a short time.

From practically the moment Blue showed up in December, our lives were changed. Fostering a pregnant stray and her puppies was hard work and expensive, but they needed a safe home and the experience was memorable and amazing in so many ways.

Watching the puppies grow was so much fun, but deciding which puppy to keep, when we were in love with every single one and their mama, too, was heart wrenching. In the end, we chose to keep Loki, my younger daughter's favorite, because of his laid back, easy going demeanor.

Knowing that, thanks to the efforts of the Humane Society volunteers here in Cherokee County and the rescue volunteers in Chicago, all the rest of the dogs will find great homes helped us feel a lot better as the time for their departure grew closer and closer. But saying goodbye was still very hard. I hope to get updates from some of their new families when they are adopted.

One of the things we learned through this experience was that spay and neuter efforts can make a huge difference. In our small Oklahoma town, there are so many strays, just like Blue, that there aren't even close to enough good homes to go around.
Irresponsible pet owners allow their animals to roam and to reproduce, then dump the unwanted animals on other people's property without a thought for their safety or happiness.

In some other cities, like Chicago, efforts to get pet owners to spay and neuter their animals has practically eliminated the problem of unwanted strays, and has made it much easier for pets to find great homes, because the supply does not far outstretch the demand.

If your dog or cat has not been spayed or neutered, please consider making an appointment right away. The cost of the procedure is much less than what you would spend just on puppy or kitten chow for one unwanted litter. And if you are looking for a place to volunteer or give a charitable donation, please consider your local animal rescue. Together, we really can make a difference.

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