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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How do you teach your child that character matters?

We all want our children to build great character as they grow from little ones into adults. We want them to develop traits like diligence, patience and honesty. But how do you go about instilling these characteristics into your child?

Of course, modeling positive character is the best way to help them develop these traits naturally. We are our kids' number one role models, and they often mirror the way we behave. We can teach all day long from books, but it would be hard to undo our own mentoring if we fail to live as the examples we were meant to be.

Books and lessons are a good way to reinforce the messages we want our kids to learn, though, and I was recently given the opportunity to review a terrific new resource for positive character building from Stephanie Eidson, the Multi Tasking Mom.

Her new program, My Character Matters, includes a student work book, parent guide, flash cards and an activity guide. You can buy all the pieces separately, or together as a set. They work together to help you and your children explore the meaning of character traits like ambition, responsibility and honor, and discover what those words mean to you and your family, how you've seen those traits displayed in real life and in the media, and how your child can work to improve their character.

I am excited to share this resource with you, because it is on sale through August 12, and you can get all of the elements in the kit, a $25 value, for just $12. That's a full 30 weeks of character based lessons for only $12!

But even if you miss the launch week sale, this would still be a great value, at less than $1 per lesson, and an excellent addition to your student's curriculum for the year. I hope you'll check it out.

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